Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Pics than you can shake a stick at...

While working on putting this post I noticed that I have taken a TON of pics in the last week....these kids need to stop doing so many cute things. It feels like every day is a first for something...how do they do that? Every day has a new word, trick, sport, saying, and/or experience. It's CRAZY! In light of that, I will write little and post more pics...they seem to tell the story :-).

Took Greyson for a much needed haircut last week, and since our beloved Cindy was there I decided to cut Hannah's hair once more. The last haircut was not very thorough, and Cindy just has a way with getting my kids to cooperate with her choo-choo cutting ways...she says choo-choo every time she cuts, and they seem to just love it. It's HILARIOUS! Anywho....Hannah sat in the car and everything. The sucker seemed to work in harmony with the cutting even though it took every ounce of me not to gag as hair flew and she ate the sucker. Still makes me a little yucky...I'm not into hair that's not attached to one's head. It's a thing.We had Blast Ball practice where they handed out the FABULOUS uniforms for our little Longhorns....Greyson HAD to put it on IMMEDIATELY :-)!
All suited up along with his favorite cheerleader for the Lewisville Baseball Association kickoff parade.
The cutest player EVER!
Greyson with Cody and some of his team mates getting ready for the big event.
Hannah being big and using various props :-).
Daddy had to give Greyson a little lift at the beginning. He wasn't too sure about the HUGE crowds.
The Longhorns lined up by first base for the National Anthem complete with the ROTC...it was a special moment.
Uncle Trevor holding the kids before Greyson's 1st Blast Ball game against the Indians.
Greyson and his new friend Trenton...they are quite the little hams. They look like trouble, don't they? They're ADORABLE....all of them!
Kolton, Trenton, Greyson, and Anthony "warming up" for the big game.
Greyson's 1st time in the dugout
Most of the team ready for the game to start
Greyson's 1st official time at bat...he did a great job!
His 1st run to 1st base...the base makes a honking noise every time you jump on it so naturally he had to jump on it at least 10 times.
Making a run for home!
He doesn't quite get the concept of running to through the base so you're safe...it's more of a stop and jump and hard as you can on the base. It's pretty cute.
Admiring the "white dirt" around home plate....it took some serious coaxing to get him away from it :-).
This is probably his favorite part of the whole game....playing in the dirt!
2nd time at bat
Running for 3rd base....Daddy was in charge of it so he got this cute pic of him.
Throwing to 1st...look at that form!
High five!
The good sportsmanship high five to finish out the game.
Showing off some big muscles
The fam with Cody after the game...aren't we the little Longhorn supporters. It was better than we could have even imagined. We LOVE Blast Ball!
Mommy and her cheerleader
Just a cute shot...I'm loving this whole Spring thing. So many clothes...it's like a fashion show every day.
Doing some nude reading before bath time...this is her favorite way to sit.
She just HAD to sit at the big table with her brother for snack time.
At the park with her friend Annelie aka "Muffin"
Going for a stroll.
I was cooking dinner, and I looked over to see Hannah feeding her bottle to Greyson. Isn't she sweet?
Hannah with her friend Scarlett at the Vista Ridge play area.....they are TROUBLE. I mean....look at them...they're already stealing cop cars. What's next?
She was EXHAUSTED after playing with Scarlett...couldn't even make it to the car. We had a great time!
We got to go to a special Garden Party for our Mommy's group where the kids planted sunflower seeds. He got to dig in the dirt and eat cupcakes...doesn't get much better than that.

We had Greyson's Easter party at MDO today...here are a few from that.
If this Easter Egg Hunt is any indication of how Sunday's will go it will be funny. He couldn't get past 1 or 2 eggs...he kept picking them up, examining them, and looking around to find the perfect egg to hunt only to find the egg had disappeared by the time he arrived. It was funny...happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Potty Week and more

I would have to say that Potty Week in the Shelton house was a smashing success. Greyson is well on his way to being the big boy that we knew he was. He's averaging about 1 accident a day which is great for just over a week going sans pull-up. We used a lot of rewards, songs, dances, and the like to get the ball rolling, and it seems to be going great. I've resorted to keeping a potty in the car which we use quite often while out on the road. He LOVES to sit in the back of the SUV and go while we're in parking lots. It seems to be his favorite spot to perform. He's doing much better in public places, and he's almost able to go without messing up his clothing at all :-). YAY! I like to look at each success as one less dirty diaper that I have to change, and that's what keeps me strong. It would be SUPER easy to just jump in a pull up and not have to ask him CONSTANTLY if he needs to go. I know it will get easier with a little bit more time. Even with Potty Week in full swing, we did venture out for some outings to enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather here in Dallas.

We went to a fun park over by Grandma & Grandpa's house. Hannah's new favorite thing to do is run with a push toy all over the park.
Greyson loves to run as always, and this hill proved to be a great nap maker...I LOVE hills officially. He kept running up and down this hill over and over again until he passed out for almost 4 hours...YIPPEE!
With the fab Spring weather, I felt the need (ahem...and Hannah) to try on some of her MANY bathing suits. We won't say that I've gone overboard, because that's just not possible, but the girl does have like 6 swimsuits already. I don't even feel done shopping for those yet....this could be a problem. We're going to swim like EVERY DAY I swear :-). She loved striking cute poses for me and showing off her new duds.
Doing some big girl walking...
Now this is a funny one....most little girls like to stop, admire, and smell the roses. Hannah, on the other hand, likes to throw them on the floor and stomp on them. This really does speak volumes about her personality. She is just a little hurricane of energy, and she loves to rough house and play hard. I LOVE IT!
This is one of her other ensembles that she'll be sporting poolside this summer. Pretty cute!
Tammy and I took the boys and Hannah to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny last weekend since it was unseasonably FREEZING that day. We didn't have a lot of expectations, and they blew them all away. They LOVED that Easter Bunny! He would do these dances with a carrot, and the boys thought he was AWESOME :-). We let them ride the train out at Collin Creek as a treat for being such good little boys, and they were super excited.

Waiting with anticipation to hand over their tickets...
Sunday we woke up with a few inches of snow on the ground....in mid March. I swear that I have seen more snow in the last few months than I have seen in my entire life living in Texas. It's CRAZY. Greyson was peeking out his window first thing, and he wanted nothing more than to make snow angels. Here he is doing that...
He also wanted to make snowballs and throw them at the mailbox...I taught him that. I could live to regret teaching him that, but it was the only thing I could think of that I wouldn't mind him hitting.
Enjoying the snow...
The day after it snowed it was about 65 again. That's Texas for you. We took a trip to the Arboretum to bask in the sunshine and Dallas Blooms event.

Greyson LOVED going to the "flower park"

So my Mom got Hannah a cute sun hat and flower headband to wear for Spring pics, etc. Greyson decided that the hat suited him much better, and he confiscated it immediately.
We got Hannah to wear the flower headband just long enough to take this pic, and that was it. She just isn't into accessories....they make much better toys and snack items :-).
You just can't set up pictures like this...he was, of course, still wearing the pink hat when he fell to the ground. This was him being goofy before trying to get up, and it is my FAV pic from the day. SO goofy!
He flat out refused to take it off....he had a great time looking at all of the flowers, collecting rocks, picking up sticks, etc.
We were finally able to get the hat away long enough to get some pics without it
Hannah did NOT like having grass clippings on her feet. She had to sit down and pick them off before attempting to walk again. It was funny watching her work at this.
The day was complete once we got the kids pinwheels to enjoy...Greyson is still sleeping with his.
On our way home....
We are SO looking forward to this weekend. Greyson has his big kickoff parade/celebration for Blast Ball season Friday evening, and his first game is Saturday morning. GO Longhorns!