Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wilhite Family Reunion 2010

This is a little late, but it could not go unmentioned or unphotographed. We went on our first out of town Wilhite Family Reunion to New Braunfels, Texas in June with the family. It was the BEST vacation, and we were able to do so many new and exciting things together. We stayed in a place called "The Other Place" right on the Comal River. They had recently received a TON of rain so the river was closed to swimmers for the first few days. We were right across the street from Schlitterbahn, and we went there for 2 days followed by an exciting trip to Sea World. A fun time was had by all, and here are SEVERAL pictures which are sadly out of order.

Exploring the river when we first arrived...

When we first arrived, we decided to kick back in my parent's "penthouse" cabin which had the largest living space for our group. Hannah was able to convince her Great Grandma that she needed EVERY temporary tattoo that I had brought for the whole week for all of the kids during the 10 minutes I went to swim in the kiddie pool with Greyson. She is a goofy girl!
Schlitterbahn fun!

Sea World

The kids got to feed the dolphins which was definitely a highlight :-)!

Mesmerized at the Shamoo show or as Greyson named his own whale "Shampoo."

Grandma decided to fix Hannah's hair while the adults went back to the water park to ride the big slides during nap time. Hooray for childcare!

She thought the curlers were both functional AND tasty!
My son is a goofball. It's official. He is SO into going commando these days, and he thought it would be funny to give himself a wedgy and walk around like that. He was posing for SEVERAL shots, but I elected to only show this one. The kid is HILARIOUS, and he never ceases to make me laugh.
Floating the river.

This was at my parent's house just before the trip, but I thought I would tack it on the end of this post. This is one of Greyson's FAVORITE things to do at the moment. He loves to be "at one with nature" and help fertilize the plants :-). Guess that's just one of the benefits of being a boy.
Hannah goofing around.
She LOVES to float on her own with her arm floaties.
Ready for action!
You never know when you're going to need to go on a canoe ride in Grandpa's pool. They're prepared for ANYTHING!
We all had such a great time, and it would not have been possible without Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for giving us such wonderful memories, and we look forward to MANY more family vacations in the future.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Catching Up

The summer is in full swing, and we are having a great time! We just got back from a trip to St. Louis with Grandma for a family reunion, and I am committed to getting caught up on the last few months. Enjoy!

Greyson (and Hannah's) new obsession are his Buzz wings from last year's Halloween costume. Pics of her later :-). I wish these were in order, but I just can't get myself to go through each one to figure it out. We'll just be happy that I actually loaded all of them this time around. There are SO many more to post later. We went on a great trip to New Braunfels with the whole fam, and those will have to be in a separate post.

James and I took a short staycation to the W in Dallas for our 6th anniversary. We had the best time!
Hannah at one of our visits to the Rainforest pool by our house. We LOVE that place!
Greyson and her love to play dress up with our different hats and costumes. It's pretty cute to watch them interact and grow together.
My little stinker boy in the backyard in his swimming duds :-).

Hannah has continued her "big boys" obsession even though I promptly went out and purchased SEVERAL pairs of adorable princess panties. What are you going to do?
Hannah in the hot tub at Grandma's just before Memorial Day. Grandpa likes to empty the spa a bit so the kids can stand in it. It's a pretty big hit :-).

Mommy and Hannah enjoying Grandma and Grandpa's pool. Thank goodness the remodel is all done so we have a pool this year.
Tammy and the boys
Hannah LOVES to play with Daddy in the pool
Gma and Gpa got Greyson and Cody Cars scooters, and they LOVE them!

Hannah so patriotic, and she's too cool for us!
Toby giving the boys a "boat ride."

Greyson and Cody are pros at going down my parent's huge slide
Our big boy going off the diving board. He's quite the swimmer these days.
Sometimes he just gets tired and feels the need to float around in a baby float for which he is FAR too heavy.
Just so the kids know that their Mommy likes to have fun too! I tried at least 20 times (sometimes with a life vest for safety) to do a 1 1/2 off the diving board. After a few faceplants, I decided that maybe now was not the time to try to master a new trick. I will try again later.
Hannah playing with Eli, our friend's baby. She LOVES babies right now. It's adorable to hear her talk all about them.
Doing some work in the backyard.
The fashion show continues

Taking a ride in another one of her dresses handmade by Grandma and I.Daddy and the kids are obsessed with building forts. Greyson even slept in one of said forts for about 3 weeks in his room rather than sleep in the bed. He finally realized it was just a blanket over the floor and opted for getting back in the nice comfy bed.
Both kids took swim lessons at the local swimming pool, and they had a great time!

This is one of my favorite memories so far this summer. I was folding laundry (as it seems I always am) one day when I came out to the play room to check on the kids. Greyson WAS wearing a Thomas t-shirt with some shorts while Hannah was wearing a little over top with yellow capris. As you will notice from this picture, Greyson "helped" Hannah remove her clothing, took the yellow capris for himself (which are now biker shorts), and put his Thomas tshirt on Hannah. HILARIOUS! They were SO cute! Should I be worried that they are swapping clothes ;0)?
We had some friends over to play in the backyard, and some of them sat down for a picnic. It was so cute to watch them eat and play together.

Hannah and some of her many babies. She currently sleeps with 6 of them, and she has to carry them around in the mornings. It's too cute!
This was the parting shot from his wardrobe change. It's one for my bribery arsenal for sure. He did this ALL by himself. He's got one heck of a fashion sense! Love that boy!