Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

This post has been "in process" for far too long. I'm posting it in all of it's incomplete glory so i can MOVE ON :-). Summer is FABULOUS! Swim lessons have started, and we are thoroughly enjoying the water as much as possible. Here goes the original post. I was experimenting with picture placement, and I must say that I failed miserably, but I REFUSE to reload them. It is what it is.

As Greyson, Hannah and I walked out of his school I couldn't think of anything but that classic rock song "Schools Out" by Alice Cooper. School is officially out, and I am now an even busier Mama if that is possible. We also finished up Blast Ball AND soccer so now it feels like we have NO planned activities FOREVER! It's a conspiracy. Everyone got together and decided to make we Mommies go crazy with too much free time and crazy kids :-). I'm actually SUPER excited about the summer, and I'll be even MORE excited once the pool opens down the street. We are counting down the days to June 5th, and we plan on spending LOTS of time there very soon. Greyson asks to drive by "the bucket pool" everyday to check on it's progress. They are doing a bunch of work on the place so it's crawling with construction equipment and workers. It's every boy's dream! James and I are headed on a "staycation" to Dallas on next weekend so we are SO ready for the break. We've also go the big Wilhite Family Reunion at the end of June so this is going to be a busy month. Here are some of our most recent adventures.

Hannah is now OBSESSED with wearing "big boys." It cracks me up every time I see them.

Cody had his 3rd birthday at Pump it Up, and we had a blast! James and I even got "in the ring" to work out some issues lol. It was SO much fun.

The end of the year party at Greyson's school. He LOVES his teachers Ms. Gina and Ms. Tammy :-).

We love going to Denton for the music on the Square with our friends. We got to go 3 or 4 times, and we really enjoyed it.

The kids enjoying ice cream after one of the festivals.

Enjoying playing with our friends. Greyson decided wanted to give everyone rides on this particular day. It was pretty cute. Hannah was sporting another one of her Mommy and Grandma created fashions.
Our last Blast Ball game. We really LOVED it, and we can't wait to play next season.

Of course Hannah insisted upon putting on the batting helmet. She is always fighting to keep up with her big brother.
His big trophy :-).
He loves his teammate Trent!

The team!
Greyson riding his first big boy bike. He did very well.
Giving Hannah a ride at Grandma's house.

First day in the pool, and Greyson was jumping off the diving board. He's so big! We're hoping he'll be jumping off the side and swimming back by the end of the summer. That's my goal anyways.
We went and fed the ducks by my Mom's house. There were SO many baby ducks, and they were ADORABLE!
More posts to follow. Hopefully I will feel inspired now that I am almost caught up. Well, not really, but at least not a month behind.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring

Oh how I love Spring! We have planted what I consider to be a spectacular garden of flowers, bushes, and herbs. Everything is starting to bloom, and the weather is AMAZING! With the weather comes outside play and a happy Mommy! I am enjoying this time, and I am really looking forward to swim season. We are going to have both kids in swim lessons at the beginning of the summer, and I'm really hoping that Greyson can actually swim by himself by the end of this summer. We're gearing up for our big family reunion trip in June, and James and I are taking a little weekend trip without the kids to exciting Dallas in June as well.

Before I commence with the epic picture show which will inevitably ensue I will leave you with a few cute moments that I don't want to forget.

- Hannah and I went to pick Greyson up from MDO this week, and Hannah (as usual) was throwing herself out of my arms so she could walk everywhere on her own. She walked straight into Greyson's class like she owned the place. Greyson rushed up to her, put his arm around her, and promptly introduced her to his friends. He said, "this just my baby sister Hannah....she still poops in her diaper." What an introduction LOL!

- I was attempting to get Hannah to take a nap in the morning one day before we went on an outing. She was in her room for maybe 20 minutes, and she was just not going to take the nap. I went in to get her and brought her into my bathroom so I could finish getting ready. Greyson runs up to her and says, "Oh Hannah! I've missed you SO much! I been looking ALL OVER for you!"

- We were on our way home from a Blast Ball game, and Hannah was a little sad. I had forgotten to bring her a bottle (who knows why but that's a completely different story), and she was throwing a fit. Greyson decided he would play high five with her which immediately brightened her mood. All of the sudden he stops playing and exclaims, "Hannah....you're my best friend EVER!" SO cute!

- Greyson dug out a tiara out of my drawer and put it on. He proceeded to say, "I'm a princess!"

Here are some of our lovely Spring adventures thus far...

Soccer is almost over. We play our last game tomorrow, and I'm sad to see it come to an end. I asked Greyson if he wanted to play Blast Ball or soccer next year, and he said he wants to swim. Hmmm.....we'll see :-). Greyson, Jackson, and Caden have become great little buddies on the team. Here he is goofing off with Jackson before the game.
In action!
We got to go to a birthday party for Anthony (a friend from our Blast Ball team), and they had the fire department come to their house. Greyson got to try on the gear, sit in the truck, and tell the firemen ALL about their jobs and equipment.
Behind the wheel...

Hannah insisted on taking a turn.We went to a "truck rodeo" in Flower Mound where they had several of the city vehicles available for the kids to sit in and play around.

On one of our many park visits...Greyson and I were talking today. He has the most amazing things to say lately....he remembers things from so long ago, and he has such a vivid imagination. I asked him today if he liked staying with Mommy everyday...he said, "I love you, Mommy. I love going to new parks with you all the time!" I sure do love to go to new parks too...guess we'll keep exploring :-)!
Hannah is really starting to love the outdoor parks, too. It's great that she is able to play on them now.
This was an outfit Greyson put together the other day...at least he was wearing something. Lately, it's been difficult to keep him clothed both at home and sometimes out in public. He frequently thinks he can just drop his pants and pee anywhere he wants. Guess we need to work on the outdoor urination thing a bit :-).We went to an outdoor concert up in Denton for lunch one day. It was perfect....lots of fun with our friends.

Greyson and Colin having fun...
Hannah enjoying her cheetos and apples.
They wouldn't be boys if they didn't find sticks and put together a sword fight....this caused some problems :-).
They were really busy "fixing" this hydrant with their "tools."

Greyson's friend Liam came over to play...the boys were going CRAZY, and Hannah was trying her best to keep up. They had a BLAST playing in the clubhouse together :-).

We've made it almost a daily activity of playing in the sprinklers...can't wait til it's warm enough to swim.

The tiara incident...