Friday, January 29, 2010

It's been FAR too long Pt 2

Yeah...this was too big of a post to put in one so here goes...

She's a cowgirl...well maybe a zebra girl, but you get the idea.
Cody and Greyson getting ready to decorate Gingerbread houses.

Christmas Eve in Texas, and it was snowing! It was amazing, and Greyson LOVED IT!
Daddy and Greyson making Great Grandpa's special waffles for Christmas Dinner!
Opening our Christmas Eve present which always happens to be PJs for Christmas morning :-).
About to go down for bed...the kids are ready for Santa to come...
Greyson even left out cookies and milk.
The conductor with his new train on Christmas morning.
Hannah just stood up to her new stroller walker and took off...what a big girl!
Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's
She loves her horsey!
Unfortunately, Hannah got croup followed by RSV on Christmas night....yuck!
Greyson and Hannah's new playhouse from Great Grandpa.

They're already in trouble with the law...James and I are going to have our hands full. This is at the play area at Vista Ridge Mall.
At the park....she LOVES to swing!
At the train show...
The grownups going to the Parago Christmas party...we had a fab time!

The kids in Greyson's class for his birthday :-).
Greyson making friends with the lobster at Red Lobster...he loved giving it coasters to hold.

Great Grandpa's 84th birthday...Greyson "helped" him blow out the candles.
Hannah standing on her own...she's so close to walking.

Mommy's first attempt at making a cake for Greyson. He's having a dinosaur party! I'm caught up...there's no excuse for not keeping up with this. The big party for stinker boy is tomorrow, and I'm so excited to celebrate for the first time with his friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year a little late!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's been FAR too long....

What can I's been busy. Between the sickos (my children), the holidays, birthdays, health scares (my Dad having a heart attack), and so many other excuses I can't even start I've COMPLETELY neglected and almost quit my blog. You would think I'd make some magic New Year's resolution and stick to it like glue....but that just wouldn't be me. I made NO resolutions, and I'm going to attempt to be semi-good at updating this on a more regular basis. We'll see...first, I'll just try to update with some pics. We'll see how things go, and take it from there!

From way back in mid December....we got to go to Great Wolf Lodge and play at the indoor water park. That place was so much fun!

And best of all...the kids both konked out for LONG naps after that!
We decorated a gingerbread choo choo train that I made for Greyson...this is the beginning empty canvas before my little Picasso got to work.
In progress with Grandma's help...
The finished product...he does not understand the less is more concept :-).
We too the kids to see the Trains at Northpark. He also got to see his 1st puppet show, and he LOVED IT!
Greyson's grand debut on the big stage for his 1st Christmas program at was so amazing. 100 kids on a stage singing Christmas carols and acting out the nativity. It was by far one of my proudest moments so far.

Greyson with his preschool class for the Christmas party...too hard to get all of the kids to stand together at once.
Hannah being big.
Even bigger...and cuter if that's possible.

We took the kids on the North Pole Express Train ride in Grapevine. The kids kissing during the boring preshow fesitivities.Hannah enjoying the ride.

Hannah rocking her boots with the fur...

The kids dressed up in Christmas PJ's for a Christmas party with their friends.
We hosted a crafty playdate for the Mommy's group, and we made little puppet reindeers. The kids had a great time.
Greyson (aka Chef Ramsey) had to help make muffins for Daddy's birthday breakfast.
Daddy opening his bday presents...