Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of Summer Round Up

The summer is officially over, and school has begun. It's back to reality and time to say goodbye to our swimming fun until next year :-(. We've had a blast, made some great memories, and we're ready to take on the Fall (if we actually have one this year). Here is just a small fraction of the fun things we did in the last few weeks.

Hannah is quite the Handy Mandy. I was in the shower one morning, and I came out to look for her. She was over at the tool bench doing some work. This is just HILARIOUS to me! This is what happens when you leave Hannah alone for less than 5 minutes.
Apparently she is thinking of pursuing a career in dentistry :-).

My attempt at getting the kids to craft together. It was VERY VERY VERY messy. Hannah discovered a new love of painting.
Greyson loves his baby sister, and they frequently enjoy cuddling on the couch while watching "Olivia." Hannah demands "Weah" constantly.
Her fashion sense never ceases to amaze me. She has now added Daddy's dirty socks to her favorites list.

We had some friends over for aplaydate in the backyard one hot summer day. Hannah decided she would be cool and lounge on the porch with the Moms.

Hannah's first black eye of her life. She was heartbroken, and Mommy was ticked since it was at Greyson's hand (or rather his sippy cup attached to his hand).
We went on a safari :-)

Hannah turned 18 months so I decided to be the photographer and take the pics myself. It was a billion degrees as usual, and she was not really into it. I had planned on going to this beautiful field of wild sunflowers, but when I went to take the shots the field had been plowed to build a new supermarket. We were all dressed, and I knew I had to do something so we just drove into the neighborhood and found this little area. We had Great Grandma's basket from my wedding as a prop, and we made it work!

Life got much better once we went over to the fountains. This was WAY more her style :-).

Here is Greyson's first day of school. He's such a big boy now, and he's so excited to have his friend Anders in his class.
Hannah insisted upon carrying his nap mat to class where she subsequently threw the biggest fit ever when I made her leave - good times!
I've been feeling bad lately as I look back on what Hannah has been able to do in her first year. I remember James and I taking Greyson to Gymboree, Baby Signs classes, music classes, etc, but we have never done anything just for Hannah. She seems to just tag along to wherever Greyson needs to go. The girl needed to do something of her own so we enrolled her in this little Mom and Tot Gymnastics class. She's taking the class with her friend Scarlett, and it's so much fun!She loves jumping on the tramp
Listening to Coach Jason while he gives out stamps and stickers :-).

I am so excited for pumpkin patches and Halloween. Yeah for Fall!