Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Play Ball!

The Spring 2011 season of Blastball has officially started, and we are SUPER proud to be a part of the Longhorns team. Now the season is over tomorrow so I guess I'd better at least post something today about this :-). Things have been a bit busy around here, I'll update on that in a later post. We had the opportunity to put together a Blastball team with our friends so it was nice to get to play together. They have had a blast, and the season started off with a big parade as Lewisville always does. Here are some highlights from the opening ceremony and games. Greyson is great at fielding the ball, and he can't wait to play Teeball next Spring.

The team doing some posing for Shelly. Does it look like Greyson is being put through some extreme form of torture or what?

I am convinced that sticking your tongue out makes you run faster, catch more balls, and do pretty much everything better :-).
Blastball ready!
More updates to come. For now, we'll just settle for having put a post up after a 2 month hiatus :-).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bluebonnet are Here!

It's the official start to any Spring here in Texas, and I am so happy for their arrival this year. The Bluebonnets are in bloom so let the photo ops begin. The fields over by HBJ stadium in Garland are beautiful this year so we made a quick trip up there for some pictures. I plan on taking the kids on a few more excursions to visit some other patches in the hopes of catching the perfect picture that can be framed for the wall. Wish me luck and enjoy the pics! I know I will :-).

More Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's

A few weeks ago Cousin Michael came in town from El Paso for Spring Break to visit everyone. Greyson is definitely obsessed with him, and he LOVED playing chase and wrestling the day away with a big boy. I forget sometimes that Greyson is the oldest cousin here in Dallas so he doesn't really get a chance to play with much older kids, and this was truly a treat for him. We also got the opportunity to spend some quality time with Cody, and here are some of the highlights. These kids just LOVE the John Deer truck at Grandma's, and I just love watching them have fun together :-).