Friday, August 5, 2011

The Fun Continues

This summer has been filled with vacations, outings, camps, and more! Here are some of the ones we actually caught on camera :-). I need to get better about taking pictures so I can capture these memories for the blog and for future reference. We also sold our old house, built a new one, and moved in last weekend! Sounds like a pretty lazy summer, right? Oh, and I'm growing a baby so there's that.

I took the kids to Adventure Kids, and I guess they were having some face painting. Hannah was pretty proud of the results and so was I :-). She also did some modeling in her new raincoat and boots for all to see.

Some friends and I took the kids to this super cute little farm over in Irving one morning. Luckily it had lots of shade so it made the heat almost bearable. The kids got to pet all sorts of animals and had such a great time.We purchased our first house, and we are so excited to show all of you. Here are some pics from the big day. We closed in the morning, and then I made the builder take a picture giving me the keys. It was super nerdy, but how often does this happen? The kids are THRILLED with their new rooms, and we're busy unpacking and making it like home. More pics to come once we've gotten fully settled.The last day of summer camp featured an "art show" for our budding little artists. Greyson made clay sculptures, string paintings, splatter paintings, and more. He sure does love to craft!

I am working on getting some pics from our family reunion in July so that will be up later. Enjoy and try to stay cool in this hot Texas heat. It's been 100+ for 38 days and counting. The high today was 109. It's pretty much too hot to do anything including swimming so we're staying inside as much as possible. We're headed off to the beach next weekend with some friends, and were so looking forward to seeing the kids sink their toes in the sand for the first time.

Summer Camp

Things have been insane around here in Shelton Land, but I will attempt to do some quick catch up. The kids had a chance to go to a few summer camps this summer at First United Methodist Lewisville. Greyson went last year and had such a great time so this year Hannah was big enough to give it a try. It was the first time Hannah had ever been in any kind of a "school" setting so it was a big day! She LOVED carrying her big girl backpack and her special lunchbox. She cried a lot at drop off the first day, but she did progressively better throughout the week. It was a great way to get ready for the start of Mother's Day Out this Fall when she will be going twice a week. More posts to come....